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 About AXSpace
AXSpace.com (AXSpace.co.uk) is working under MogTex Ltd in the UK and was founded in March 2007 by running Webhosting-For-Free.com to give a totally free web hosting service to customers and make some practical experiences in the field of web hosting. AXSpace’s goal is to create a webhosting services with the most end user satisfaction. AXSpace Support is one of the best in the web hosting industries. AXSpace is one of the few hosting companies that solve almost any major technical issue in a very short period of time. During these years, AXSpace has been proved to its customers as friendly, experienced and reliable and with over 50,000 accounts it is among the fastest growing and the chosen few.

What makes us special?
AXSpace offers a totally free web hosting service and clients can enjoy having their own site on the Internet completely free. Its services start with an amazing Flexi Plan with a very low price. AXSpace offers not only some predetermined packages or plans for customers, but also it lets the customers buy and pay for only the stuff they need.
AXSpace ownes a free hosting company for more than 6 years. During this period of time lots of accounts have been registered and managed with fully automated and integrated Linux hosting servers, please check the related url as follows:


President and Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. M. M. Abed

sales [at] axspace.com
suppot [at] axspace.com
domain [at] axspace.com
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feedback [at] axspace.com

 MogTex Ltd. (AXSpace.co.uk, AXspace.com)
29 Oxford Road

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