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  • Secure your internet identity by registering a domain name today! Every domain name is unique, so the sooner you register, the better chance you have of getting the '.com' that YOU want.

  • Your Web-Hosting Service is where your data is stored and you can access your website files, AXSpace gives you this chance to create your own webhosting plans based on your actual needs.

  • With AXSpace, You can have your website installed automatically, at the moment, we offer 300+ of the best papular website programs powered by Softaculous You can install and manage hundres of software fast and simple.

  • All mentioned steps are done in a single procees during your ordering procedure. Your domain, Webhosting Service and Website will be activated right after the ordr is completed.

Why AXSpace
Flexy Plan
flexy plan
With AXSpace Flexy Plan, you pay only for what you need when you need. It starts at a very low price with basic options to begin with, and you will have options to upgrade your hosting plan at any time. More Info
Website builder
Site Builder
AXSpace offers a wide range of website builder software, you do not need to be a computer expert to run and maintain your website. All you need to do is to choose what kind of website you need. More Info
Free data Transfer
Free Transfer
Want to transfer your data from another provider? All you need to do is send us your previous panel information or a link to your backup file and AXSpace support will do the reset!
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